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We are a holistic village of parents, college students and professionals collaborating for a well balanced child.  Our goal is to provide our children with a high - quality, safe, engaging, and extensive learning space.
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Public School Students

We offer a full curriculum for Elementary to 12th grade homeschoolers. We also have a service for public school students too! We will  offer assistance with your students classes.                                                                                Join Us This Fall. Classes begin September 14th 2020 

We understand that the pandemic has thrown so many parents for a loop. We are parents too.  Working from home and helping your students with their workload can be so stressful. Starting a new year of homeschooling can be overwhelming. Especially if you've never done it before.  Luckily, we offer educational support for all students. Including those on the spectrum. 

This is a learning service for all students, here at the All Schools Cottage.

Register For Fall Classes

Ready for a great 2020-2021 fall season? Check out our Fall classes that available now. Classes start at 9 am and end at 3 pm.

HomeSchool Co-op 16 weeks

Select 4 classes 

 Our in demand classes will be offered at our learning pod in Moorseville NC. face to face.  Registration fee & 1st week fee is due before first class.  Our flexible interactive & engaging classes are suited for all learning styles. Parents say that our classroom management style has a positive effect that pours over positively into their home life. 


Homeschool Electives

Select 2 Electives

Students Choice: These vibrant classes encourage a special  fundamental skill set.  Students gain knowledge over the course of 8  weeks per course.  Students gain independence and learn how to be self starters also.

 These introductory classes will reward students with an participation award once completed. 

Class List

Tutor Weekly   

Students work at their own pace using the curriculum given to them from their school teacher. We ensure they understand the lesson and that it gets done timely in a low stress environment.

Class List

Tutor Electives  - Drop in

Select 2 Electives

These small life skill classes last eight weeks each. They encourage a mindset of  confidence and self sufficiency. By offering a variety of hands on possibilities that students are interested in, they  will be equipped with a skill set that could encourage a successful college and adult life. These subsequent learning opportunities last a lifetime.

 These classes will be taken along with the homeschooled students.

DROP IN------ $35* /day

Class List